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Besides finding peace and quite at our resort and enjoying our tasty meals, we are also offering some activities for you to enjoy.

Fishermen might enjoy the pond surrounding the Greenscape Resort or a walk through the neighbouring paddy fields. Our farming partner will be happy to meet with you and inform you about their cooperative.

You may notice the new building project nearby. In this building complex, where also our Medical Center is housed, additional hotel- and spa facilities are being built with a natural pool as special feature.

Estimated opening date to be Autumn of 2024. We’ll keep you informed.

Bicycle Tour

Away from the hustle and bustle of the roads, we travel on high-quality original Holland bicycles to Huzurikanda and the Mati Eco Village (65 km), where we spend the night and return the next day. We will be mesmerized by the beautiful scenery and we will encounter lots of friendly attention and offers for a cup of tea. The paths are flat and in good condition, and a river or canal will not hinder our journey as there is always a boat that can ferry you and your bike.

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